About Us

 Who are The Trendy Chicks? 
Addie, Shanna & Laura


Let me take you back down memory lane to where our story first began. In the year 2000, Laura & Shanna started their first entrepreneural adventure as Southern Charm Totes & Accessories. They packed up their cars with the latest handbags, jewelry and shoes to host their very first home show. It was a HIT! Tuesday nights quickly booked up with women who wanted to earn free merchandise by hosting shows. Laura & Shanna decided to open a brick and mortar store in downtown Glennville, GA. They loved having a store and to this day regret ever closing the doors. If only the World Wide Web was around then maybe things would have been different. Deciding to take time to grow their families they realized that was the only option at the time. They had always talked about what they would do differently if ever given the opportunity to do it again. After lots of talking and life taking some unexpected turns Trendy Chicks began to unfold. They did what they started off with in 2000, and packed their cars up and headed out for their first show. As Trendy Chicks continued to blossom they quickly outgrew their SUV'S and, thus Trish The Mobile Boutique was purchased in March 2020. While shutdown for COVID Trish an old retired 2006 Oshkosh Bakery Truck, was transformed into the beautiful masterpiece they have today. Thanks to their hardworking husbands for helping to make that happen. The inside turned out better than imagined. She is literally a tiny store on wheels!     (Be sure to check out the Meet Trish section for info on booking a Pop-Up Shop!)
With the growing business it was time to add a new member to the team, Addie Copeland just recently joined September 2021.She is an elementary school teacher and has been a huge asset to Trendy Chicks in a very short time. Be sure to follow Addie on our Instagram and Facebook pages @trendychicksboutique1 where she'll be showing you the latest fashion trends.